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    Roddy Campbell, a speaker at the marcus evans CMO Summit 2012, on how music can be better utilised by Chief Marketing Officers.

    Interview with: Roddy Campbell, VP Commercial Development, EMI Music

    Music is one of the most popular passion points, capable of evoking powerful emotional responses from consumers, says Roddy Campbell, VP Commercial Development, EMI Music. This makes music a great starting point for
    Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), but the challenge lies in translating passion into tangible results for a brand, he adds.

    A speaker at the forthcoming marcus evans CMO Summit 2012, in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 26 - 28 September, Campbell puts the spotlight on music, and discusses how the marketing industry can execute more successful branding campaigns.

    Why should marketers use music?

    Brands have been using music to market products for years. Research has regularly identified music as one of the most popular passion points, benchmarked against sports, movies, reading and other hobbies. Music marketing might not be a new concept but the volume and diversity of campaigns around the world shows brands are trying to leverage that passion in many different ways these days. What’s emerging is a common thread on delivering return on investment (ROI).

    How could they meet their objectives?

    Many CMOs adopt a short-term approach. We see brands dipping into music without any real strategic direction, doing it for the sake of associating with a popular medium. They run random sales promotions without any real opportunity to get an ROI or build their brand equity. 

    We see companies spend their whole budget sponsoring a festival, with no marketing budget to activate those associations. The rights package might give them a few placements of their brand and access to a database, but those are generally not enough to cause a shift. 

    Artist and marketing opportunities come up on quite short lead times, so we have prepared ourselves for delivering full campaigns in short time frames, often integrating a ready-made media activation for a brand.

    What I would say to brands is to be very clear on the objectives, define them in a proper brief and involve the artist or label as early in the creative process as possible. The creative vision of an artist and sense of involvement can add real credibility and a label can amplify the campaign enormously by dovetailing it with a music story where relevant.

    It’s both challenging and exciting to make the marriage between commerce and art a happy one. There are tons of music activations, but only a few stick around and become memorable.

    What tips could you give to CMOs for keeping brands relevant to the market?

    In terms of how we market our own “brands” i.e our artists, the marketing mix has changed from a lot of paid media to earned media. We realised that we could better utilise the artists we have on board, so instead of spending millions on TV campaigns, we now better leverage the power of the content we have. This allows us to achieve reach on a much more cost efficient basis.

    Consumer Insight has also made us far more efficient marketers. We have a pretty sophisticated quarterly research programme that is more common in fast-moving consumer goods and retail brands, which has given us a good understanding of our consumers. We segmented consumers into 11 profiles with distinct buying, discovery and media consumption habits. We now spend less money on targeting the wrong consumer, and can offer many different forms of each product, just sliced and diced in a different way, for each group.

    Music offers all sorts of options to marketers – making a successful connection is really going to come down to knowing your customer and what’s important to them in a music experience.

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